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Request A License Hearing Right Away

The prospect of losing your driver’s license can be one of the most jolting things about a DUI arrest. For driver’s whose licenses have been suspended in connection with a drunk driving arrest, we at Bartoletta Law Firm recommend requesting an administrative hearing before the Department of Licensing (Washington) or Idaho Transportation Department right away.

In both Washington and Idaho you have only 7 days to request your administrative hearing.

Your Administrative Hearing Can Restore Your Driving Privileges — And May Affect Your Criminal Case

Here’s why: What happens at an administrative hearing matters a great deal, and not only because it may restore your driving privileges in the short term. It can also have a significant impact on the outcome of your case in a criminal court.

Subpoenaing evidence and getting a sworn statement from the arresting officer as soon as possible for an administrative hearing can be critical. This step can provide the evidence that is needed to get an outstanding result before a prosecutor, judge and/or jury on the criminal side of your case such as:

  • Case thrown out on technical reasons
  • Charges reduced
  • Penalties reduced
  • No jail time
  • No criminal record

Protect Your CDL | DUI License Suspension Can Put Your CDL At Risk — Even If You Are Arrested While Driving Your Private Car

Commercial driver’s operating personal vehicles have a strong incentive for zealously pursuing favorable outcomes at license hearings. If a driver’s license is suspended because of a DUI arrest, a commercial driver will lose his or her commercial driver’s license (CDL).

In sum, our lawyers’ overall philosophy about DUI defense on behalf of driver’s with CDLs or private driver’s licenses is to:

  • Act quickly
  • Aim for the most successful outcome
  • Exhaust all possible technicalities that may get a case thrown out
  • Explore every avenue that will maximize a client’s chance of winning at the administrative hearing
  • Aggressively represent each client’s rights before a prosecutor, judge or jury

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