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Experienced Representation For DUI Cases In Spokane County, Eastern Washington And Idaho

Almost no one expects to be arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Many people face the shock of DUI charges after a one-time, unique event such as a wedding reception or a graduation party. Others may have consumed alcohol moderately and socially over the years. They never expected a problem because they normally wait for an hour or more after the last drink before getting behind the wheel.

Then comes an unexpected traffic stop, a roadside sobriety test and an arrest. They learn the hard way that it is difficult or impossible to talk one’s way out of DUI charges. Before they know it, they are facing a high-stakes legal crisis.

Get Legal Counsel As Soon As Possible In The Event Of A DUI Arrest

You may be an occasional or frequent drinker who has never been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, or you may have been charged before. Bartoletta Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to offer proactive advice — before trouble develops. We willingly take advantage of any chance we have to keep people informed of their rights in the event of a DUI stop or arrest. See our “ Know Your Rights” page.

The most important thing to remember is your right to legal counsel. In Washington, this means that you have the right to speak to an attorney before deciding whether to submit to a breath or blood test. In Idaho, the laws are slightly different, but in either state, you have the right to have counsel assist you in preparing your defense.

If you have already been stopped, charged and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, we are prepared to defend you vigorously. Once you decide to enlist our assistance, we will begin by evaluating every detail of the circumstances, including:

  • The traffic stop: Was it justified? Illegal police stops are common.
  • The breath or blood test: Was it administered properly? Can police verify its validity?
  • Legal issues such as implied consent and the right to legal counsel: Did police honor the defendant’s exercise of rights under the law?

What if police presented you with a warrant in order to force you to submit to a blood test? This is a current trend, and whether you were arrested in Washington or Idaho, we are prepared to examine every angle of your case in pursuit of the most favorable outcome. We will work hard to protect your driver’s license and protect you from a criminal record, if possible. A review of your case will help us determine whether you were subjected to a wrongful arrest.

Contact Us If You Have Been Arrested For Drunk Driving In Washington Or Idaho

Bartoletta Law Firm represents clients arrested for DUI in Spokane County, elsewhere in Eastern Washington and in Idaho. Laws vary between the two states as to a person’s rights. We are thoroughly experienced defending the accused in both legal systems.

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