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Although Initiative 502 (I-502) decriminalized recreational marijuana use in Washington in 2012, driving under the influence of marijuana will remain as illegal as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Implied Consent And Testing After A DUI Stop

Recent amendments to Washington’s implied consent statute have removed “implied consent” for blood testing, and now there is only implied consent for breath tests. In Idaho, the statute regarding implied consent has remained unchanged; however, a recent Supreme Court decision, Missouri v. McNeely, has effectively overruled the state’s implied consent law as it applies to blood testing.

How Is Impairment By Marijuana Tested?

You can be found guilty if you test higher than a certain level or if the state can prove your ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by your consumption of marijuana. Law enforcement and prosecutors can prove impairment by blood alcohol tests or other means. You can also be convicted in Washington of DUI marijuana, or DUI drugs for that matter, without a chemical test.

In Washington, impairment can be verified by a blood alcohol test indicating a presence of 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of whole blood. Testing over the “per se” limit of 5 nanograms is grounds for arrest on suspicion of impaired driving. You do not have to display any abnormal behaviors to be charged with driving under the influence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive element of marijuana.

There is no per se limit in Idaho. Law enforcement agents and prosecutors have to prove impairment in order to charge a driver as being impaired.

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